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Best Hotels in Egypt 2021

Best hotels to consider if you are visiting Egypt for the first time. Assuming your first visit to Egypt is mainly focused on the must-see sites; Pyramids of Giza and the Temples in Luxor. Check our recommended Itinerary for Your First Visit to Egypt. I would recommend this list for both my friends and my customers to stay at. Hotels are picked based n two main factors:  (1.) Locations within the city they are in.  (2.) How much the hotel represents the style of its city and the behavior of locals.  The list is not based on star ratings.

Steigenberger Tahrir Hotel, Cairo

Steigenberger Tahrir – Cairo, Egypt

Located in Tahrir Square, the heart of the city center of downtown Cairo.  Tahrir (means liberation) square is where the 25th of Jan 2011 revolution took place.  The hotel is within walking distance from many attractions, including the Nile, Egyptian Museum, and a metro station.  Many restaurants and busy streets around.  Culture centers are not too far away either.  The hotel is new – something hard to find in a city that old – hence rooms are nice and facilities are fresh and it’s the best value for money in the center of the city.   Check the hotel website and online reviews before booking Steigenberger Hotel Tahri.

President Zamalek, Cairo

President Zamalek Hotel – Cairo, Egypt

Hotel President Zamalek is a small charming hotel on the Island of Zamalek. Again Zamalek is across the Nile from Tahrir Square, it’s an island.  Yet is not affected by city growth.  Half of Zamalek is green areas, and everything is a walking distance.  It’s a high-class residential area and since there is no growth it maintains the calm daily life of Cairo from the 80s. Buildings are all 50 to 80 years old, restaurants cater to international and local cuisine from medium to high-end prices. You can easily have a decent meal in Zamalek starting USD$5 up to USD$25. It’s easy to get a Nile View since it is an island from many restaurants and cafes and by just walking in the street. President Zamalek is a boutique hotel, newly renovated, and occupies the last 3 stories in a high building. The reception is on the ground floor of the building and they have their own elevator. Check the hotel website and online reviews before booking  President Zamalek Hotel.

Sheraton El Montazah, Alexandria

Sheraton El Montazah – Alexandria, Egypt

Not a lot of first visitors to Egypt attend Alexandria. Yet if your itinerary is more than 8 days, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Alexandria. Also if your itinerary is more than 9 days and you are not considering beach resorts on the Red Sea consider Alexandria for an overnight. The city is the second busy and crowded like Cairo, yet more charming. It contains most of the Greek and Roman monuments of Egypt. If you plan an overnight, I cannot think of a better accommodation facility than Sheraton Montazah. Its location overviewing the Mediterranean Sea and Montazah Gardens and its and value for money makes it a winning venue for Alexandria.  The front room views are phenomenal. Sheraton Montaza Alexandria

Old Winter Palace, Luxor

Old Winter Palace – Luxor, Egypt

Old Winter Palace with no question. The facility is a mesmerizing Castle that was our Late King’s winter gateway palace.  Right overlooking the Nile, prices are decent, service level is at a high end and all other hotels can’t compete. Maybe Luxor is not very lucky with charming or high standard hotels, but also the Old Winter Palace is a venue worth visiting at least if not to stay at. On another note, Luxor as a city is not very attractive for most tourists outside the archeological sites. Maybe because it’s too touristic or because it’s too commercial. No one person nor one study knows the real reason, but spending time outside archeological sites in Luxor is not very entertaining on a vacation. That being said, you wish to stay in a fun and fancy hotel facility to spend your time after visits. Let alone, the prices are decent. Check their online prices and reviews: Old Winter Palace Hotel.

Anakato & Hadouta Masreya in Nubia/Aswan

Anakato – Nubia/Aswan, Egypt

Here comes my favorite city in Egypt. I cannot really define why I like Aswan the most, but all people I send to Aswan, get a positive vibe by spending some time in this charming city. Aswan marks the end of Nasser Lake and the start of the narrow river in Egypt, the city is full of small and large islands some of which carry a few of the oldest villages since Ancient Egypt, almost intact in their culture and traditions. On the east side of the River Nile stand the modern city of Aswan, and on the Westside is Nubia represented in few villages. For a first visit in Egypt, you probably will not stay more than 2 nights in Aswan, in that case, I would recommend one of the following two guesthouses. Both are located in Gharb Sehel Island, which is reachable both by land, around 45 mins drive from Aswan center or by boats.


Anatako is the first Nubian style Guesthouse that was built to host tourists and visitors. Its on the shores of the Nile, beautiful and charming little cozy place.. The colors and designs are too strong, does not represent the local’s style fully, yet it did not lose charm while being built like so. Check their website: Anakato

Hadoota Masreya

Haduta Masreya is one of the biggest guesthouses, so if you are a small group and wish to all stay in the same place, also if you are more interested in ordering food at random times, while other guesthouses might find it hard to deliver Haduta Masreya with its highest capacity are more accommodating to late meal orders. Check their website Haduta Masreya.

Dawar El Omda, Gouna [Red Sea]

Dawar El Omda – Gouna, Egypt

Al Gouna is our favorite Red Sea Resort. Yes it is new and totally built from scratch, yet the style is welcoming and reflects architecture in Egypt somehow. Also written as E Gouna and Gouna. Our favorite two hotels are Dawar El Omda Hotel in the Down Town area and Turtle’s Inn Hotel at Abu Tig Marina.

Sonesta St. George, Nile Cruise

Sonesta St. George, Nile Cruise – Egypt

As much as I do not recommend Nile Cruises anymore to complete your visit between Aswan & Luxor in southern Egypt. I am writing a blog in the coming few weeks to compare Nile Cruises vs Land Tour between Aswan & Luxor. Yet, if you decide to go forward with a Nile Cruise experience, check Sonesta St. George. The boat management team has proved that quality and customer care are their number one goal. Definitely our pick since 2018. Check their website Sonesta St. George.

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