Hiking Egypt Trips

Hiking Trips In Egypt

Why Hiking In Egypt is a Different Experience

Hiking in Egypt is one of the richest experiences to encounter with hundreds of trails. The Egyptian wide lands and nature provide a variety of hiking experiences and routes such as desert and oasis, mountain trails, countryside, and coastal lines. Egypt has a land area four times bigger than the United Kingdom, twice as big as France, and three times bigger than Germany.

The ancient holly routes

History reveals a lot of stories about hiking in Egypt during the ages. The most famous story is the holy journey of the Prophet Moses, who climbed to the top of Mount Sinai. The mysterious valleys and the mountain peaks in South Sinai are commonly known as the holly lands  There are still a lot of marks of Christianity history and Hajj journeys that left famous routes deep into the Egyptian lands.

Since Egypt was the hub that connected east and west, there are a lot of ancient routes crossing the Egyptian deserts which connected the trade lines between Africa and Asia for centuries.

Nowadays, all those routes are available for hikers to explore and to dive deep into the same historical experiences.

Hiking Sinai

The perfect climate for hiking

Egypt is known as one of the most enjoyable destinations when it comes to the weather. With sunny winter days and perfect temperature during autumn and spring seasons, Egyptian hiking routes are available for hikers most of the year. Summer is hotter for desert hiking but over the mountains the temperature is perfect and the cool breeze is mind-blowing!

One day to the peak

Most of the mountain peaks in Egypt are reachable within a day hike. The journey doesn’t require any previous experiences with an enjoyable sense of adventure. Reaching the stunning view at the top provides an added value of a sense of achievement.

Most hikes are easy to exit and the trails are well explored and guarded by the locals which minimizing the risk factor. The local families who live in the area can spot even a lost tiny ring, literally!

hike Sinai

Hiking Egypt – The stunning nature

You will get impressed with the different mountain colors in South Sinai. The hiking Egypt provides different trails would lead you deep into the stunning geological nature of the area. From the red mountain to the polished yellow while crossing spring waters middle of nowhere, South Sinai is the land of amazing hiking trails.

The Egyptian western deserts offer another variety of trails including the magnificent white desert, the black desert, the crystal mountain with shining rocks, the valley of the whales, and the peaceful palm oasis with magic lakes.

Hikking in Egypt

Get close to the Egyptian Bedouin life

The mountains in Egypt are not deserteous. The Bedouin families accommodate the valleys of each mountain area. Mountain’s Bedouins in South Sinai, all belong to one tribe called “Jebaleya”, which means Mountainous in Arabic and they all came from Romania a few centuries ago to live by St. Catherine as Monastery Guardians, now all converted to Islam.

You can always enjoy some of the Bedouin traditions as they love to welcome their visitors. Try some of their local tea “Marmarya”, enjoy their historical stories around the fire while you are camping under the stars.