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Holiday Tours™, a pioneer travel agency in Egypt have been established in Cairo in 1973 with over 47 years of providing travel services to corporate companies, tour operators, and international tourists. The company was registered by Mohamed El Decken and Co. as a Limited Liability Company.
Holiday Tours received the Tour Operator License from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism number ‘110’  and classified as a category ‘A’ company, the top grade for tour operators in Egypt. Holiday Tours is one of the most recognized travel agencies in Egypt and Granted membership of IATA in 2008.

Our Vision: Owners believe in international peace through tourism.  It is by sharing simple daily activities among tourists from different parts of the world that citizens of the world get to learn about each other, teach others about themselves and their own traditions. So we spread awareness and maintain identities.  Get ready to join a trip with people from different parts of the world interested to learn about you and expecting that you would show the same interest.

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Best Travel Agency in Egypt

Holiday Tours served over 128,742 customers from 92 different countries. As a premier travel agency in Egypt and the global tourism market, we provided a wide variety of tourism services including group tours, flight tickets, transportation, accommodation, and tour packages.  Our exclusive travel packages are designed by a team of professional travel consultants to cover each customer’s needs from luxury tour packages to corporate travel as well as family tour packages and solo traveler experience. Our travel packages cover some of the top destinations in the world including Egypt, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal, Kenya, Brazil, Peru, Spain, UAE, and Morocco. Every season we release a new set of tour packages to new hidden gems and create creative experiences.  

Travel Packages
Travel Packages

Holiday Tours offers professional travel services in Egypt for corporate events and exhibitions. Our team is specialized in providing support and design programs for corporate travel.  Over the years Holiday Tours accomplished success stories in managing mega-events in Egypt. We have been chosen as a local travel partner and tour operator by international travel agencies to manage B2B tourism services and operation. Our professional crew and tour operators are experienced in managing travel services as members of the events’ team.  As a travel agency in Egypt, we have worked closely with organizations, multinational firms, and travel agencies to support in managing ground support for tours, accommodation, and transportation. 

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Adventure Travel and Activites

We Love Adventures! From road trips covering Slovenia to Spain, Manaus to Mach Picchu, Cairo to Beirut, and Paris to Amsterdam to creative trip ideas and activities. In Holiday Tours we offer crafted travel activities that vary for team bonding and developing interpersonal skills to life-time experiences and outdoor adventures.  We are specialized in designing and operating activities with highly skilled safety teams, instructors, and travel gears. We have operated all different types of adventures from extreme sports including Skydiving over the Pyramids and the Swiss Alps to Skiing, Volcano Hiking, Caving, Canyoning, Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Wild River Rafting, Scuba Diving, and Biking tours.  

Our operations are designed by a group of travel consultants and trip leaders who enjoy developing creative new ideas using travel tools to engage our trippers and leave them with an experience, an educational yet fun atmosphere that teaches and emphasizes team spirit, leadership, and survival.  Every season we organize a public event of a group hike with a group challenge gathering people from different parts of the world to learn about each other and unite their diverse skills to accomplish a common target.

Our Brands & Projects We Support

Weekend Trips

Weekend Trips is a sub-brand of Holiday tours. Only on the weekends as the name implies.  Our brand has been sponsoring this program for the past 11 years since we started in 2009.  It’s an alternative idea of spending your weekend at home or indoor. We embrace outdoor activities and engage people in a fun activity and sightseeing a new destination.  Weekend Trips operated trips in Egypt that do not exceed the weekend or long vacations. Eventually, the brand expanded to provide different themes of adventures aborad including backpacking Europe, Latin America, Kenya Safari, Bali Adventure as well as many more adventures. 

Interlaken Travel

Interlaken Travel is a sub-brand of Holiday tours that works exclusively in the Swiss Alps. In 2014 we launched the online platform and activities to serve the adrenaline junkies and provide adventure trips. Over the years, Interlaken Travel provided tours and activities for people from all around the world. Our collaboration with the top activities provider in Interlaken is another success story by Holiday Tours. Our services in Interlaken include budget tours, activity packages, and extreme sports such as Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Sky Diving, and Cannoying.


Dayma Journey is an enduring experience, a guided discovery of some of Egypt’s most wondrous natural destinations, as well as areas and individuals. Using biomimicry, Dayma launches trip programs for young students to learn how the best human innovation can come from Nature. While at times we believe that the project is a new brilliant initiative in Egypt, sometimes it is hard to explain the concept. Holiday Tours sponsored the project to flourish and work sustainably.

Our History

2019 - New Adventures

We have been adding new adventures for the First time in Egypt including Paragliding over the Pyramids and Skydiving Pyramids as well as rediscovering new hiking spots in Marsa Allam and the Red Sea. Served: 128,742 customers from 92 different countries (from Africa, Europe, North America and South America).

2014 - Launched Interlaken Travel

We launched our first European Brand in Interlaken, Switzerland in 2014. We have managed trips and activities in the Swiss Alps for International travelers.

2009 - Launched Weekend Trips

We launched the Weekend Trips Brand in Egypt and the 1st to add Sandboarding to the Egyptian Tourist Map in 2009, and Backpacking Trips to Europe in 2010. Added Hiking Egypt to the Local Tourism Map offering 4 trails in Mount Sinai (Mount Catherine, Red Mountain, Mount Abbas & East Route to Mount Moses).  Served 5000 hikers, safely.

2007 - Launched TTS

We launched TTS ‘Tradot Transportation System’.  This system studies the use of vehicles in the tourism transportation industry and offers optimization solutions. 24 different companies also benefited from the optimization system.

1973 Founded Holiday Tours

The Travel Agency was founded in Egypt and received the Tour Operator License from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism number ‘110’. Proudly, the 1st agency to operate trips in Sinai. Operated Trips to 42 different countries. (in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America).

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Holiday Tours - Class 'A' Tour Operator in Egypt

Holiday Tours is one of and Granted membership of IATA in 2008.