Stepping off the Edge – Bungee Jumping

Trapped behind a desk and in a meaningless routine, I spent the past 12 years of my life hopping through different jobs. All my jobs revolved around helping customers learn more about themselves, so they can pick the right activities and tours that would make them happy. Some picked amazingly daring exciting activities that must be imprinted through pictures for generations to come.

On the other hand I was here, explaining it all without actually trying it. I have always dreamt about getting away from that desk, and try those crazy activities myself. One of those super exhilarating activities, that I always dreamt about trying was Bungee jumping, as everyone told me its guaranteed to give me that adrenaline rush I crave for. Not just because of the height, or because we have to sign that we are physically and mentally fit to do this. But mainly because we need to take the decision to really actually fly off the edge.

If you have never bungeed before, let me tell you the whole story. But keep in mind, nothing I say, do or show you will be equivalent to the actual experience.

First, the decision to go on this adventure itself. Yes, in a moment of courage and defiance, you sanely decide to do this crazy jump. Different people do it for different reasons, may be you are challenging yourself, may be you just want to feel something real again, maybe you just want to feel alive through risking your life just a little bit, or maybe you saw a couple of videos and pictures of friends doing it and thought why not? For me, I just wanted to feel alive.

Then you go on to that moment of truth, disclose your weight in front of complete strangers, get measured and everyone knows your secret (if you consider your weight a secret like me).

Trusting a stranger with your life, is also an experience on its own, trusting him/her to tie you up with so many ropes and a neat harness.

You are standing there, ready and everything, people jump off in front of you, you hear them scream and shout and you think it’s pretty cool. But your stomach will ache when you know that they fell 9.8m in a second and you start calculating the distance and speed and everything.

Now it’s time to jump. What no one tells you is that it doesn’t really matter how high the jump is, cause all bungee jumps are pretty high. You drag all the rope weight and step on the edge, hanging on so tight, so scared to fall, you just feel like your heart is being taken away. It’s now time for the eternal fight between your wise mind and your adventurous soul. It’s time for you to fly off that edge. Remember you don’t have all the time in the world for that fight, as many people are waiting in queue to jump too. And finally after much convincing, you just spread your wings and fly.

Unlike most extreme sports, such as: Paragliding and Sky Diving, you bungee jump solo even on the first time. In those other sports, at least the first time, you jump off attached to an expert, who takes the decision to jump for you and is there to talk you through it. But in Bungee no one but you decides at the last moment.

Wanna know how I felt while free falling from 134m? Off a Gondola, attached to a wire, in between two green mountains, amongst the clouds and with a lake far and deep under?

Well, I am not telling you, come and try it yourself at Stockhorn, Swiss Alps and lets discuss our feelings afterwards.

Happy Summer, Happy Jumping Happy Travelers.

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