Sandboarding in Fayoum

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Sandboarding Day Trip is an Adventure in the Desert of Fayoum. Enjoy the Sand Dunes and Magic Lake in one of the best destinations in Egypt. The most popular day trip from Cairo is Fayoum Sandboarding as the destination is relatively close to Cairo with 3 hours drive.



Sandboarding Egypt Trip is one of the top activities in Fayoum with 2 hours drive from Cairo. Start your sandboarding tour by asking the traveler’s question: Do you feel like going a day out of the ordinary .. Roll on the Dunes .. Take a lot of fun photos of yourself in the desert .. Ride a 4 wheeler .. B.B.Q. lunch.. Lit a fire .. Dig a hole .. Burn marshmallow… Just run around and get crazy…The trip is helped to show our travelers how to enjoy the desert while leaving it intact. In order to enjoy or make better use of our resources, we don’t have to build resorts or change the desert’s nature, instead, we could always get out of the city, have a blast, and get back home taking nothing but pictures and wonderful memories and leaving nothing but only footsteps. It’s a Small Safari, just one full day away from the city or the resort, just you, the desert, and some recreational sandboarding activity.

  • Trip Duration: Full day.
  • Trip Time: From 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Trip Season: All year long.
  • Trip Theme: Desert Safari, Leisure, Recreational Sports, Sandboarding.
  • Trip Climate: Desert Safari.

What is Sandboarding?

Sandboarding is an activity that takes place in the sand dunes. It is considered an easy sport unlike other boardsports such as snowboarding. There are safety conditions but since the dunes are relatively safe and the sliding is slower on the dunes than ice, it is easy for everyone to try.  Sandboarding doesn’t need experience and involves riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board or sitting or lying on the belly. Egypt is one of the most popular destinations for this activity and provides a variety of soft sand dunes that is suitable for the sport and accessible within a short drive. Since it is usually located in the desert, there are several activities to enjoy such as nature retreat, camping, hiking, and desert safari.

Sandboarding Egypt

Sandboarding Egypt started by Weekend Trips (Brand Owned by Holiday Tours) in 2009. It was introduced to Egyptians and tourists as a mini-safari experience and one day trip. The experience includes instruction and sandboarding gears as well as safety measurements. Sandboarding Egypt has several popular spots such as Sandboarding Fayoum, Siwa, Isamlia, and Qatanya. The most popular day trip from Cairo is Fayoum Sandboarding as the destination is relatively close to Cairo with 3 hours drive.  Moreover, the dunes in Fayoum offers an outstanding view of the magic lake and Located at Wadi Al Ryan national park. Sandboarding in Fayoum offers a refreshing outdoor activity along with camping activities and bird watching. Finally, The trip is family-friendly and suitable for all ages to enjoy an outdoor activity nearby Cairo.


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